Here I am, looking out my window into downtown San Francisco, and these words from @ParkerPalmer pass my way:

"If we value things like friendship, family, community, education, workplaces that work, and democracy, there’s a minimum requirement. We must learn to talk with each other, even when we disagree. Not "at" each other, or even "to" each other, but "with" each other!

So, how’s that going for us? The answer varies from one person to another, from one setting to the next. But when it comes to American democracy, it’s not going very well.

The problem goes much deeper than the infamous dysfunction in Washington, D.C., where they got so worn down by the last round of not talking with each other that they’re taking a time-out before the next round of not talking with each other. The problem goes all the way down to us, to “We the People”.

WE could have an impact on how THEY talk with each other IF we would learn to talk with each other across OUR lines of difference. For real. In a democracy, that’s how “We the People” address urgent issues, form a rough consensus on the common good, and hold our leaders accountable to our will. When we can’t do any of that, we have no leverage on our government.”

This makes a very, very good point.

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